Argon 18 E-118 Tri+ Disc Frameset

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The E-118 Tri+ is our pro-level UCI-legal tri bike with the lean, low race frame of a TT champion, tailored for triathletes.

Fast, Fit, Fearless
At 250g lighter than the previous-generation E-118Next and equipped with discs, the E-118 Tri+ combines the razor-sharp handling and aerodynamic performance of a TT champion with tri-specific fit and functionality. Using Notio for our racecourse and velodrome testing has shown a gain of 8 to 10 watts at 50km/h over the E-118Next. With new geometry to achieve a significantly lower front profile, our updated Oneness system offers a bar/stem system with armrest stack 2cm lower and grip position 4cm lower than the E-118Next. This allows athletes to achieve a low, aggressive position, and for smaller riders to find their perfect fit.

Argon 18 E-118 Tri+ Disc Carbon (1,200 grams)
Fork: Argon 18 E-118 Tri+ aero carbon disc fork
Argon 18 AHB-TT06 Carbon
Argon 18 ONEness 3.0
Aero Carbon Seatpost With Adjustable Offset

***** Specifications subject to change without notice.*****

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