Fulcrum Red Zone XLR 26" Disc Wheelset - (HG11 Mountain, 6B)

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Red Zone™ XLR is the boldest version of the Red Zone™ model.
It’s an absolutely multipurpose model that could be defined as

The aluminium rims are specially milled for lightening between the anchoring points of the spokes to obtain a rim that’s extremely resistant to impact yet also very light.

The aluminium spokes are designed and produced by Fulcrum® to ensure the maximum performance in every moment and in every situation. Both the front and rear wheels have 24 spokes, distributed according to the exclusive Fulcrum® 2:1 spoke ratio, which significantly increases your power transmission and your manoeuvring precision.

Red Zone™ XLR wheels are compatible with tubeless tires, which adhere perfectly thanks to the Ultra-Fit™ Tubeless system, eliminating energy dispersion to the advantage of speed and therefore of overall performance.

Brake Type: Disc
Shimano HG11 Mountain
Spoke Count:
24 Rear / 24 Front
Wheel Size:
Axle Type: Thru Axle 12x142/15x100

***** Specifications subject to change without notice.*****

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