Our History

When we started North Shore Road Bike, Dave Usher, in addition to being the owner, was the mechanic, bike-fitter, salesman, web master and janitor. This was one of the real strengths of the shop, and even though we are now a three "man" show, we are all still hands-on: you don’t describe your repair in detail to a senior mechanic who hands the repair off to a young kid in the back of the shop. The service area is front and center in the shop. You can see everything we are working on and be assured that your bike is being expertly repaired with the skills obtained through more than 25 years working with Shimano, Campy, SRAM and most other components.

When Dave decided to set up the shop he invested time and money upgrading his skills. He worked as a mechanic during 2011 in one of the busiest bike shops in BC; got certified in Professional Repair & Shop Operation at United Bicycle Institute in Oregon and in Bike Fitting at BikeFit in Seattle.

Nick Hanni joined us shortly after our move into the new space at 1191 West 15th Street and is managing our service department. Nick brings more than 20 years experience in the bike and motorcycle industry. He has worked at Bianchi and Ritchey and several bike shops in California and Canada. Racing at a high level, both road and mountain, Nick knows just what it takes to to keep your bike in perfect tune. This experience also guides his approach to bike fitting which incorporates a wide range of bike fit schooling along with hundreds of real world fits. We are very happy to have Nick working with us and know that you will be thrilled with his work.

Every bike at North Shore Road Bike is expertly built. All our wheels are true and evenly tensioned. Frames are machined to exacting specifications and all fasteners torqued to spec. Shifting is perfect. Brakes are accurately centered. And then there is the fit. This is the most crucial factor in the enjoyment of your bike. We will work with you to get your fit perfect. This includes the right frame size, handlebars, stem and saddle, along with proper alignment and canting of your cleats.

Dave started North Shore Road Bike because he loves bikes and he wants you to love your bike. Come in and see us: we can improve your relationship with your current bike or help you move on to a more satisfying relationship with a new bike.