At North Shore Road Bike, we firmly believe that your performance on the bike is directly related to how your bike is set up mechanically and biomechanically. By having a correctly fitted bike, this can make all the difference to your immediate performance and long-term goals in cycling.

The correct bike fit will maximize aerodynamics, power, and comfort, while reducing injury risk and discomfort. Cycling is a repetitive movement from a position that you want to maintain. At a cadence of 90rpm, that’s 5400 pedal strokes per hour. Having an incorrect fit will place you into an improper position which will not only put you in discomfort, but also increase your risk of injury and potentially ruining your event or season.

We carefully look at the relationship between rider and bike – focusing on the contact points made. This will vary from each discipline and their respective bikes. By understanding these contacts and assessing your individual needs, we personalize your bike and equipment to the position that works best for you.

As changes are made, your body will take some time to adapt to these changes and it is recommended to reduce training volume and intensity for a short period of time to allow the adaption process to complete. Follow-up appointments should be made to address any issues you may have or to further increase progress in gaining your optimal position.

Equipment & Safety

North Shore Road Bike has a fully dedicated fitting room with a complete selection of equipment and components including handlebars, extensions, stems, saddles, pedals and cleats.

As every individual will have a different shape and size, so to does every saddle have different shapes and sizes to accommodate each person’s needs. With a devoted cycle equipped for testing saddles, we can quickly interchange between saddles to find the perfect seat for you.

It is essential that any new equipment has been installed correctly. North Shore Road Bike ensures all equipment fitted will be torqued correctly and safely checked. You want the confidence to know your bike will ride as it should.



Complete Bike Fit - $150 - TT/Triathlon Bike Fit - $175 (75-90mins)

  • Initial assessment of rider and bike
  • Analysis of current riding position, technique and style at different workloads
  • Adjustment and fitting of equipment
  • Additional labour for re-sizing cable/hose length may vary
  • Complimentary saddle testing in-store only
  • Complimentary with purchase of a new bike in-store only

Additional Bikes - $80 - Additional TT/Triathlon Bike Fit - $95

  • For the same individual, we will set up additional bikes at a reduced loyalty rate
  • Complete bike fit as listed above

Saddle Testing - $40 (15-30mins)

  • Testing and interchanging different saddles on devoted cycle
  • Reimbursed when saddle is purchased at North Shore Road Bike in-store only