Shimano R9270 Dura-Ace C50 Disc TL Wheelset -

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Compatible only with Shimano road 12-speed cassette sprockets

The all-rounder of the new DURA-ACE wheel lineup, the C50 is both lighter than the previous C40 model and nearly as aerodynamic as the previous C60. It's a wheelset at home in a wide range of conditions. From time trials to criteriums, on rolling terrain or attempting a personal best, the new C50 is the ideal wheel for spirited road riding.

The perfect blend of low weight and aerodynamic performance, the all-new DURA-ACE C50 features an updated all-carbon tubeless rim and new hub design that drops weight while enhancing rigidity.


Brake Type: Disc
Shimano Road 12 only (L2 spline)
Spoke Count:
24 Rear / 24 Front
Wheel Size:
Axle Type: Thru-Axle 12mm

***** Specifications subject to change without notice.*****

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