ENVE SES 8.9 Tubular Wheelset - DT Swiss 240 (Shimano/SRAM)

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The ENVE SES 8.9 Tubular Wheelset is ENVE's ultimate time trial setup. The ultra-deep dish wheel, when done right, can be faster than a disc in many situations. ENVE has done it right with their SES 8.9 Tubular wheelset.

The 95mm deep, 24mm wide rear wheel does it better in many ways. It's lighter, with a lower moment of inertia, so it will climb better and accelerate better. 20 two-cross spoke pattern means the wheel will handle bumps better, feel better getting out of the saddle. And will be easier to control in wind, thanks to not being solid all the way through. They tested their .9 rear wheel as being within 5% of discs in most situations, and they believe that when you factor in their wheel being easier to ride, it comes out as a net plus.

Carbon Fiber
Brake Type: Rim
Spoke Count:
20 Rear / 16 Front
Wheel Size:
Axle Type: Quick Release 

***** Specifications subject to change without notice.*****

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