Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR 80 Tubular Wheelset

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Featuring Full Carbon 80mm deep profiled rims, engineered completely with a 3K carbon braking surface, which ensures the ultimate in stiffness, stability and exceptional braking performance. This wheel design provides aerodynamic efficiency, cross-wind stability not seen on wheels of this depth, braking excellence and flex-free power-transfer.

Cult (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology)
Using high-end ceramic balls, which perform continually thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precise machining of the cup and cone technology, the friction is reduced drastically and in turn, increases the smoothness of triathlon and road bike wheels by as much as 9 times compared to standard bearings.

2:1 Two-To-One
Every push on the pedals from the rider will force most of that energy on the drive side of the rear wheel. To combat this loss of rim tension and power transfer, Fulcrum has solved this cycling problem with their 2:1 spoke ratio pattern by doubling the spoke count in crucial zones on the wheel.

Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling
An exclusive rim/spoke mounting system. It allows the rim, spokes, hub and nipples to align perfectly, guaranteeing the precise spoke tension in all areas around the wheel.

Rim Full Carbon
This technology was developed by Fulcrum and is the combination of different types of carbon fibre, including unidirectional and the famous 90° 3K found on wheel models at the top of the Fulcrum range. Fulcrum developed a special HTC (high transition grade) resin, which has a glass transition point at a higher temperature than any other carbon fibre used within the bicycle industry. This provides exceptional stiffness, durability and braking performance.

Anti-Rotation System
This system locks the spoke in place once the correct tension is achieved. Engineers at Fulcrum have designed this system to ensure the spokes never lose their initial tension and to remain in the position that has been proven to provide the perfect aerodynamic properties.

Carbon Fiber
Brake Type: Rim
Spoke Count:
18 Rear / 16 Front
Wheel Size:
Axle Type: Quick Release

***** Specifications subject to change without notice.*****

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